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December 12th 2015

It's brilliant that three riders from our yard are going to be competing at The Liverpool 4 star show on new year's day, the 2nd and 3rd of January.

The show has been advertised on the TV, the Horse & Hound and every equestrian fixture we go to, we see advertisements, not to mention social media and the internet.

So it looks set to be an amazing event for years to come.

Organised of course by our friends Nina Barbour & Alan Beaumont.

This show will be the equivalent of Olympia, but as near as Liverpool!

We are all very excited, Dominic will be competing the 25 years and under classes, Paul Kennedy is in the international classes and Ella is jumping the mini major relay.

Dominic has been jumping at the Hartbury spectacular show this weekend with Alvatore, who will be his ride at Liverpool, he has jumped a double clear in the Small grand prix, this horse is in great form.

22nd September 2013

This weekend we managed to jump mostly the young horses and I jumped my slightly older one's.

Saturday we went to Tushingham with several young horses and Ella jumped her pony.

We could not believe how hot it was and the wasps were out in force!

Beth and Dom were happy jumping though, Dom jumped several rounds, we liked our young mare 'Sophie', she is by 'Lucky De Blondel' out of 'Intermission' (a double winner at HOYS) and the 4 year old stallion we have by 'Luidam' out of a Kannan mare, these two jumped well.

Also Beth jumped our 5 year old 148cm pony, by 'Balou De Rouet', she had a good double clear. Ella went well on King Puck and Beth also jumped our very young 'Luidam' gelding out of a Corrado mare.

Then today we made a double trip to South View.

This morning with the young one's again, I jumped our home bred 'Candle Line', out of the international mare I jumped 'Candle Queen' and she is by 'Online'.
She was clear, so I intend to move her up the classes now and see how far we can go!.
Dom also jumped 'Ballymour', a good five year old for Dave and Fiona Murray, 'Luikan' the smart 4 year on Stallion by 'Luidam', also owned by the Murrays.
Then he jumped 'Sophie' again, they all jumped very well.

I then went back again with Dom for the Open class at the end of the day.

Dom was double clear with 'Bangillo', he was delighted with this horse.

I was also double clear with 'Adermie 52' and clear and 4 with 'Pewit Quinto', we were having a go indoors in preparation for HOYS. We also have Solihull Pre HOYS to go to.

Dave did not jump today, he is full of a cold and I do not think that Manchester United losing by 4 goals to 1 helped his mood!.

I want to say a big congratulations to our former pupils, Greg Broadrick doing so well in Lanaken this weekend with 'Msh Going Global', by 'Quidam Junior' (who was jumped by Ivan Dalton, one of our pupils!) Lanaken 7 year old young horse world championships.

Skye Higgin, former pupil on 'Cavalia', owned by Enda Carrol, another former pupil! in the 6 year old finals.

19th September 2013

We have just been to the two star show Sancourt in France.

This was a very friendly show and very nice for the horses, outdoor stables, but very well sheltered and a large grass field to look out onto.

Much nicer than Auvers!, the horses really jumped well too.

'Adermie 52' and myself jumped a great first round clear in the Grand prix. He just flowed round this big track, the jump off didn't quite come off for us, two fences down, but it wasn't too bad and we were placed well, so this now made him Grade A.

He was also clear in the big class on the first day and placed, so a good weekend for this hearty young horse, with the Foxhunter Final our main aim for the time being.

'Ramiro Cruise' really went well for Dave again, this stunning 7 year old was 6th in the big class on the second day, this horse has excelled so much in the past few weeks, he is very exciting for the future.

'Pewit Quinto' also jumped superbly, she had a very good place on day one, then a very unlucky fence on day two and three in the jump off's.

'Whin Whin' had some lovely rounds for Dom, very unlucky not to make the prizes, Dom was riding some very good rounds, including the Grand prix.

We were not away for too long at this show, which was good as it is always busy at home on the yard, it was also not too long a trip for the horses.
They will again have a quiet two weeks before the next big show. We are not going to Arena Uk, so we will be focusing on the young horses again.

Ella is also happy to be back to shows with King Puck, she had a good show after school on Wednesday, a win and a third place at Tushingham, so handy for us, a very nice centre only ten minutes away from home.


11th September 2013

We have had nearly two weeks back home and we are ready to go again to another show in France.

The horses are fresh and ready to go again, this will be our final outdoor show of the year, sadly.

In the meantime we have been concentrating on our very young, novice horses, taking them here there and everywhere, trying to get them up to speed.
We have a super bunch of babies and we are even looking forward to the coming cold Winter month's, bringing them on, they range in ages from four to six!, Dom and Beth have been very good riding them as Dave has to be careful with his shoulder, I prefer to get on the slightly older ones, just in case I wobble off for some reason!, we have got HOYS to think about!.

We have got quite a few home bred horses and some of our owners horses that they have bred.

We are constantly busy with our youngstock, it is a lot of work, but quite rewarding now they are out jumping and we can see, finally what we have bred.

We always try to use top stallions, so we have several 'Luidam' youngstock, 'Je T'Aime Flamenco's', 'Balloon' and 'Pacino's'. We also have very well bred mare's and proven jumping mare's.

Dave has been busy with the Horsebox workshop, several orders to deal with. Luckily now his shoulder seems to be well and truly on the mend. This has been a real setback for him, but he is really back on track now.

30th August 2013

We have just had eight days away in Auvers, France.  We took eight horses, myself, Dave and Dom were jumping and we had a good show.

Dave was the star with 'Ramiro Cruise', winning a big 7 year old class, any class here was very hard won, but Dave made it look so easy! He left the other riders confused as he was so quick, yet the horse hardy new he had been pushed against the clock.

So Dave enjoyed his first international win with the horse and we all enjoyed it too!! It was very good to hear the Irish national anthem, I must say.

Dom was also in top form with a great win on 'Ashdale Futuro' in the two star 1.30m class and he had a bucket full of placings as well.

I had some great results with 'Adermie 52' and 'Pewit Quinto', they are a formidable pair, they can take it in turns to jump the very big classes, as you can only ride one in a class.

I had several places and a 5th on 'Adermie', the tracks were very big and I think myself and the horses learnt a lot, I think we will see the benefits in the weeks to come.
'Pewit Quinto' also had places which were hard to get at this high powered show.

Auvers was in Normandy, we were near the coast and we even went to visit a war museum, Ella was with us, which was great, she is still on her summer holls.
It was a very nice show, huge sand arena's, but the stables were indoors, it was very hot during the day and I did feel it was a bit unpleasant for the horses in their stables.
We had them out as much as possible, walking and out for grass as it is so important that they are relaxed and happy.

16th of August 2013

'Pewit Quinto' won the Area trial for me at Denbigh and Flintshire show in fine style!

I knew our partnership was coming good and this was confirmed for me when she jumped two clears over a very large course, only one other in the class managed to do the same, we were just a bit quicker!.

She was a true star and we are so full of confidence now and ready to tackle some World Ranking classes next in Auvers, France.

'Adermie 52' also went very well, just one fence down in the first round at the bogey fence, the second part of the treble.

It was a great day also as my Mum and Dad came to watch, my Dad hadn't been to a show for a while, he said he intends to come more often now.

Dave was giving 'Ramiro Cruise' a nice jump round in the Power and Speed class, ready for next week in Auvers, he is taking over the ride on the horse, lucky thing!.

We missed going to Anglesey County as we felt the horses would have enough jumping and we had a very special wedding to attend during the week, Michael Whitaker married Melissa Braybrooke, it was the most lovely wedding, no expence spared, all the guests were treated to fine food, wines and drinks all through the day and night!

In a stunning Marquee, a superb band, followed by a fab disco. I was the driver, but I still had the best time, as did Dave, Ella and everyone there, it was so lovely to see so many children there, they all played and danced all night.

August 11th 2013

We have just enjoyed two really good days jumping at Shrewbury Flower show.

The ground was perfect, we seem to be getting it all ways this summer, glorious weather, then the rain to keep the ground right.

I had an amazing weekend with 'Adermie 52', he was clear both days for me in the big classes, the Area trial on Friday and the Grand Prix on Saturday, we were 7th both days and I could not have been happier as it is a little while ago since I jumped classes this big, however it now feels like I never stopped doing them!.

Dave also had a good round with 'Whin Whin' in the Area Trial, just 4 faults, he was jumping him for Dominic Webb whilst he was away.

I also had  a good place with 'Pewit Quinto' in the 1.40m class, this mare by 'Luidam' is jumping well and I hope to step her up in class each time out now, she is a great addition to my team.

We also enjoyed in between the jumping watching the Nations Cup from Dublin on Dave's I Pad, crammed into the cab of the horsebox! I pad plugged into the cigarette lighter to keep it charged. It was great to see team GB winning for the 27th time in Dublin.

We then had Sunday at home and again we watched the Dublin Grand Prix on RTE TV, with the help of Apple TV, Dave is excelling himself recently with all the technology, as everyone probabaly knows, Cian O Connor won the Grand Prix with a rare chance to ride his past ride 'Blue Lloyd'.  It was a star studded class and a real pleasure to watch.

5th August 2013

The past week seems to have flown by, Ella had three days of fun and learning at the WWW Hunt pony club camp at Chorlton House.

It is the most idyllic setting for the camp and all the kids have the most amazing time. Dave was busy at home while I spent all of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday helping Ella.

It did mean that I had to be up at 5.30am every morning to work my horses before I left with Ella!, so I did have the odd cat nap while I was supposed to be watching!.

We were delighted not to to be setting off to Hickstead on Thursday for another Foxhunter second round, it would have been lovely to go to Hickstead of course! but it was even nicer to be already qualified.

We really enjoyed the Sky Sports coverage of Hickstead, we were really looking forward to seeing the Queens Cup on Saturday after returning from a long day at the show, only to find that I had not recorded it properly, so it was not on Sky planner when we turned it on.
Dave was very cross, but then luckily they even put highlights on at 8.30pm.

We went to Warren Farm on Saturday, such a good show put on by the Area 17 committee. There was some very good prize money on offer in the Open class and it was also the Flo Gibson memorial.

I was very pleased with 'Pewit Quinto' she was 5th out of a strong field and 19 in the jump off, we did some good turns to avoid too much galloping around the houses, I felt like I was really getting together with her today.
After the class in the prize giving everyone was drinking Gin & Tonic's, including the riders, this was Flo's favourite drink, Susie Gibson was on top form and it was a very nice celebration for Flo.

Dave had some nice clears on 'Balzac' in the 1.10m and Foxhunter classes, we did not take too many horses today as it was just Dave and I at the show.

Dominic has just experienced a week training with Barry O Connor in Ireland, he even had a touch of an Irish accent when he returned home this weekend!.

I apologise for the late news post lately, we have had a new format for updating our web site's and it has taken a little time to get around to learning how to use it!

Pictured are some photos we took of Ella at camp.

30th July 2013

We have had the most amazing weekend, in more ways than one.

Firstly, we were so thrilled when 'Adermie 52' qualified for the Foxhunter final at HOYS with me at Arena Uk on Friday.

It really was a day to remember, he jumped three faultless rounds over very big track's built by Di Boddy. We had to go quick but cautious in the final jump off, only to be narrowly beaten by Ellen Whitaker, who was last to go.

By this point it really did not matter, as the first two places go straight to Horse Of The Year show.

There were 88 starters and it was a very strong field, I really do not quite know how we did it when I think back!.

This will be my third ride in the Foxhunter final over the years.

So the pressure is off now and we now plan to move 'Adermie' up into some Area trial classes and Grand Prix.

The other real result of the weekend was 'Rock Dee Jay', the pony we bred out of our amazing mare 'Dee Jays Rio Grande', won the individual gold medal at the pony European championships.
The pony is by 'Arko', I competed him as a five year old on the Sunshine tour where we sold him to Charlie O Riley Hyland'.

He was superbly ridden this year by Susan Fitzpatrick and the competition took place in Arezzo, Italy.

Rio (the pony's Mum) was 20 years of age when she had him, 'Buster' as he is known in the stable. was a very weak foal and we had to bottle feed him at the start.
I still think of him as we were so fond of him. So to hear he won the gold brought tears to my eyes!!.

It has been a very emotional weekend!

Pictured is Adermie 52 and Rock Dee Jay.

24th July 2013

We had a very busy day today at South View's Wednesday fixture.

We had ten horses in all competing, they had lots of double clears and places.

I was very happy with a new ride I have been given recently, grade A 'Pewit Quinto', a lovely 8 year old, bay mare, owned and bred by Pewit Stud and she is by 'Luidam' and she already has a top class record.

I was 5th in the Open after a good double clear. Charlotte Flack was also placed in Charles and Linda's 'Larinetta' in the Foxhunter.

We have a really busy weekend ahead, Aintree on grass! and Arena Uk HOYS qualifiers coming up.

Watch this space!

Pictured is Pewit Quinto

22nd July 2013

Dave and I made a real effort this weekend to try and get a Horse of the year show ticket, we went to Vicarage farm and Bicton, Saturday was also my birthday, so I was hoping for a nice present!

I was jumping both days and despite all our dedication, all I could get was four faults on both days, Saturday with 'Adermie 52' in the Foxhunter and on Sunday in the Newcomers at Bicton with 'Ramiro Cruise'.

Both horses jumping really well, it just was not to be.

We were really impressed with the Bicton arena, in Exeter,Devon, but with very good motorway access. A superb grass arena and a very friendly atmosphere.

There were very good outside rings, well worth taking a few young horses to bring on.
Although beware of the party atmosphere, we were awake in the night with party goers, loud music, people chatting and plenty of noise all through the night. The intense heat outside meant having to keep the windows open in our lorry to stay cool, so all the noise could be heard.

Vicarage farm, home of Peter Gillespie, also offered super going in his main arena for the Foxhunter qualifier, he was watering all through the night, the weather has been scolding hot lately, so he really had his work cut out.

It was such a relief to jump on Saturday here in slightly cooler weather than we have had lately.

We have been riding very in the early morning lately when we are not at shows, as we find the heat very difficult to bear, as do the horses.

Pictured is 'Candle Queen's' filly foal, doing well, by 'Ramiro B'.

18th July 2013

Dave had an amazing result today, he was 2nd in the Keysoe two star Grand Prix on 'Erasmus Van De Heffink', owned by Danielle Jolliffe.

Dave and Dom went to this mid week two star show with the intent of doing great things and Dave played it cool until the final day and jumped one of only three first round clears from over 50 starters.

Dave made the gamble of making sure he went clear in the jump off and not chasing the clock too much, the tactics very nearly paid off, just the last one in pipped him at the post!.

He was delighted with the horse who he thinks an awful lot of and see's the horse jumping at five star level before too long.

Dom also had some very good rounds with 'Ashdale Futuro' and 'Whin Whin', just narrowly missing out on the prizes.

Dave said this was a really nice show with a real international feel to it, we are very lucky to have two shows like this in as many weeks, it seemed very well supported, they also had a one star running at the same time.

I wish I could have been there, but I had my own excitement going on at home while Dave was away! Our mare 'Candle Queen' had her 6th foal at 19 year of age. She was a day early and she foaled at 1am on Wednesday, I was busy watching on the camera's as always, then I fly down to the yard when I can see they are starting to deliver, it was a very uncomplicated birth and she has had a lovely filly foal by 'Ramiro B' who stands at Harthill Stud.

'Ramiro Cruise', our exceptional 7 year old gelding is also by 'Ramiro B', so this foal is a wonderful addition to our yard.

'Candle Queen' is by 'Candle King' who is by 'King of Diamonds', she will now be retired and we will have great pleasure in producing her offspring, which all look great.

Pictured below is 'Candle Line', our six year old by 'Online' out of 'Candle Queen'.

15th July 2013

We have just jumped at South View's three day second round show with our horses that we are aiming for the Horse Of the Year show Newcomer and Foxhunter final's.

Dave did not have a ride in the Newcomer second round HOYS qualifier on Friday, I jumped 'Ramiro Cruise'.

It was a three round competition and 'Ramiro Cruise' jumped a great first round clear, there were 35 clears from over 120 starters. We were again clear in round two, the fences were now at 1.35m, he was a class act and a total pleasure to ride.

Then I was second to jump in the final round out of 19 competitors, I went into an early lead, I knew it was going to be a fast class as there were some real speed merchants to follow me, but Ramiro was so careful and accurate that we posted a good time and held on to the lead for a while, we were then regulated to second spot after Paul Barker on his first ride made a sharp inside turn after a sizable oxer.
If I had tried that turn on Ramiro, it could have been risky, Ramiro has so much scope, he lands a good way out over a fence, so the bigger the fences the better really!

We held on to a qualifying position right up until the end, (top two) the times were so close and we ended up in 4th spot, we were so sad not to get a HOYS place, but he did get a Scope qualification.

On day two Dave was in form. He had two good placings on his up and coming stars 'Quinito' and 'Balzac'. Then 'Diblesse' went on to take 3rd place in the open from a strong field.

On the third day I was jumping 'Adermie 52' in the Foxhunter second round HOYS qualifier.

It was a strong track, only 42 starters, but a very strong class. 'Adermie' felt in top form and jumped two great clears to get me into the final round, then disaster struck, he pulled a shoe in round two and left us unsure what to do.
Dave insisted we jumped without a shoe for the final round, as the surface was so good, he wouldn't feel a thing, instead of trying to find a farrier and risk it not being put on correctly.

So we jumped without a shoe in front, it was a very big track now and he jumped like a star, we sadly touched the second to last vertical, we turned so tight in order to get the time, which we did, but it didn't quite come off.
We finished in 5th place, again qualified for Scope, we now have four more chances left at Vicarage farm, Arena Uk, Hickstead and Scope.

8th July 2013

We have just competed at the Charles Stanley international at South View this past weekend.

Although the luck was not really with us, we all had some really good rounds with the horses and I'm sure competing around these three star tracks will raise our game for the coming weeks.

Dave was newly back in the saddle after his injury, so he was very happy with 'Erasmus Van De Heffink' when he just had 4 faults in the 'huge' grand prix on the final day.

I was also very happy with 'Adermie 52', also a little short of jumping lately due to a foot abcess, he jumped the World Ranking class on the second day for just 4 faults and clear rounds were hard to come by in this class as it turned out.

'Ramiro Cruise', only a 7 year old, jumped some superb rounds, over heights of tracks he has never seen before, so unlucky on the second day, just the very last fence down.

'Whin Whin' was jumping very well for Dominic Webb, our pupil.

Beth Bould, who was jumping her first three star show, gained some good experience with 'Cecile Van Overis'.

Charles and Linda did an amazing job putting this show on for the second year, the huge prize money attracts the best riders and horses and the show caters for the owners so well, lovely lunches for everyone, the wine was flowing, it was such a treat for everyone.

The atmospere was great, long may the show continue.

30th June 2013

Ella was happy today after her show at Netley Hall, she had an equal first with a double clear in the Stepping Stone's Scope qualifier.

'King Puck' looked good today, we had a very early start, but it was all worth it.

Charlotte Flack took 'Candle Line', 'Quinito' and 'Larinetta' to Field House for us yesterday.
She had a great day, a win with 'Larinetta' in the Newcomers and Foxhunter double clears for 'Larinetta' and 'Quinito'.

Dave and I were busy at home working and jumping the horses we plan to take to the South View international next week.

Apart from a show at Ingliston this  weekend, there was nothing on bigger than a 1.20m open, just Aintree had a 1.30m indoors, so we decided to school at home.

We had a good time this weekend with Live stream jumping from theGlobal champions tour, Aachen and Spruce Meadows.

Nick Skelton was the winner of the Aachen Grand Prix, this seems to be the one all the riders want to win.

William Funnell is having the time of his life, 2nd in Monaco Grand prix, the Hickstead Derby, 2nd in the Cannes Grand Prix and 4th in London, although after winning this fortune in the space of three weeks, he is still probably wondering when the win is coming.

Tina Fletcher had a fall in Hickstead and Aachen, she must be feeling pretty low, this sport can do this to us, I'm sure she will be winning again soon, we hope Tina and her horses are ok after Aachen and Hickstead.

So we only have a few days left until the 3 star International at South View, then we seem to have shows back to back for the next few weeks.

Dave, myself, Dom, Beth and Charlotte will be competing at South View next week from our yard, it is great to get a chance to jump at such a good show so near to home.

We also have Ella's school play to see next Thursday and Friday, this will need careful planning trying to fit everything in!.

26th June 2013

After some practice at home Dave made a winning return to the ring today with 'Diblesse' at South View in the Open.

Dave has been off for a few weeks after a badly dislocated shoulder, hopefully he is back on track now.

We were all delighted for Dave, he was his usual very cool self, not over jubilant! But I am sure very happy on the inside.

'Diblesse' was jumping out of her skin, so Dave is now looking forward to the Masters with her next week at South View.

He also jumped 'Erasmus Van De Heffink' who also jumped superbly and went into 4th place in the same class.

I jumped 'Adermie 52', who jumped a good double clear in the Open, I will be aiming him at his first World Ranking class at South View next week.

I also jumped 'Ramiro Cruise' in the Foxhunter today, he jumped a lovely double clear, he needs four double clears for next year's regional qualfiers, so this I think was his second one, as he is now jumping bigger classes, we have to get the odd one in when we can.
It was also nice for him to jump a smaller class after the enormous track he had to jump at Weston Lawns on Saturday in the Newcomer regional qualifier!.

Beth had a good double clear in the Foxhunter on 'Cecile Van Overis'.
Beth had a busy day with four rides, she rode 'Mad Jo' in the Open and had a clear and four faults at the last.

Then Beth jumped 'Lush Lashes' our 148cm pony in the British Novice, she had a very good double clear. We have registered her in horses for the time being, so we can produce her ourselves.

Beth also jumped 'Queenie', Dave Murrays five year old mare in the British Novice, she had some novice mistakes, but she is a lovely mare.

Dominic Webb was on the bench today, he was injured the other day riding at home.
Hopefully he will be back on board very soon and fit for the International next week at South View.

There were lots of people asking me today where he was, or why isn't he riding! Missed by everyone!.

24th June 2013

Massive congratulations to Phillip Miller on winning the Hickstead Derby on Cartier.

Well done to the whole team and owner Pennie Cornish, a valued customer of ours, she has Quigley Horseboxes to transport her horses to the shows.

23rd June 2013

We had two very busy days on Friday and Saturday at Weston Lawns.

This is a very well run show in the Midlands and probably for this reason and location, the entries were huge.

On Friday, Dave still not jumping, Myself, Dom and Beth competed.

I was really happy with a 5th place in the B&C class out of 60 starters. The purpose here was to give 'Ramiro Cruise' a good look at the arena in preparation for Saturday when he would jump the Newcomer regional final, a qualifier for HOYS and Scope.

Beth also had a good double clear on 'Cecile Van Overis' in the Foxhunter, her hope for the Newcomer regional.

Dom had some good double clears on 'Balzac' and 'Quinito' in the Newcomer class.

So we all headed back on Saturday, would you believe there were 150starters in the Newcomer Regional qualifier.
I jumped 'Ramiro Cruise' in the first round at 11.30am, he jumped a lovely clear.

We then had to wait 5 hours to jump round two.

We put him in a stable, so he had a relaxing day, a spot of lunch and drink from time to time!.

He jumped another foot perfect clear in round two, the jumps now up to 1.35m at least.

Then we jumped round three, only 11 horses left in now and the jumps up to 1.40m at least!.

Ramiro was amazing and barely breathed on the second to last fence, it fell when we were cantering away and it fell off backwards.
Sadly this fence cost us a HOYS place, but we were 5th, so we qualified for the Newcomer Masters at Scope.

Dom was unlucky in this class, just faulting at the 2nd fence and Beth had a great round, just faulting at the last double.

Dom was double clear again with 'Quinito' and 'Balzac', consistent as ever.
And Charlotte Flack jumped 'Candle Line' for us in the Discovery and Newcomers, she was double clear in both, so we were very happy with that result.

Sunday morning Dave decided to take lots of our very young horses to South View, schooling.
Dom and Beth were very busy doing all the riding, Dave was looking on and busy assessing our young one's as they jumped around.

Dave was back in time to sit down and watch the Hickstead Derby, some of our friends called round, then we all really enjoyed the class.
We were hoping that our friend Geoff Billington was going to have a win here, but it just wasn't quite to be.
So we were happy cheering on anyone who looked like jumping a clear!.
It was thoroughly entertaining as usual, but a bit unusual the amount of riders that were falling off or being eliminated.

We topped our evening off by going to the cinema to see Superman, or'Man of Steel'.
We know Superman personally, Henry, from the shows. He really enjoys the horsey scene and as everyone knows, he was engaged to Ellen Whitaker.

We were a bit disappointed in the film, but Henry was very good I thought!.

18th June 2013

We all headed off to the Cheshire Show today and enjoyed some very hot weather!.

Dave decided it was still a bit early to think about jumping in the big classes, so he opted out of competing.

We jumped the 1.30m championship to start with, I had the best result in this class from our yard on the impressive 'Ramiro Cruise'.

He jumped a lovely first round clear, it was a strong track, he has only just moved up to this level and the ringside was packed out, so his concentration was brilliant.
He made my job easy and he felt very special.

He had a very unlucky fence in the jump off, he still finished 7th out of a large field.

Dom then flew the flag for us in the Grand Prix with 'Ashdale Futuro', he had a couple of faults and was on the home turn when sadly his stirrup leather snapped.

This was very concerning as they were recently purchased from a large saddlery shop, it is very worrying these days, even when you spend good money, we hope we are buying quality tack, but it seems much of it is cheap rubbish.

Years ago you could only buy English leather bridles in a good tack shop, they would not sell anything else, now it is a hard job to find decent leather bridles.

We were busy with the leg cooling applications after the show, the ground in the ring was very good, the collecting ring was a bit firm, with an odd hill in the middle.
Even jumping with studs in is a bit alien to most horses now, with so many shows running on surfaces.

Our horses jumped very well on the large grass ring and busy atmosphere around it.

Our stable jockey Charlotte Flack had a day to remember, she won the Grand Prix/Area trial on her lovely stallion. 
She won £1000 first prize!.

We all had to collect our prize money from the 'Thomas Cook' stand by the main ring.
Charlotte bobbed along to collect her 1K, the startled woman on the desk said 'wow £1000, that's a big win!', 'was it a horse or a cow??!!'

We will have tomorrow at home, then we have Weston Lawns for the rest of the week, we have some regional qualifiers there for some of the horses, so lot's to focus on.

16th June 2013

We have been at home all week, no shows until the weekend, where we did South View and Field House.

All week Dave has been sharing his time between the horsebox building, hire's and repairs and the horses.

Still not wanting to ride after dislocating his shoulder, he is busy over seeing everyone else, myself, Dom, Beth and Emily riding al the horses.

We finally turned out five of our home bred youngsters to pasture this week.
They were castrated, feet trimmed and wormed over the past three weeks, we have two 'Luidam's', two 'Je T'Aime Flamenco's' and a'Balloon'.
We somehow managed to get two 2 year old's and a yearling in a trailer and two 3 year old's in the two horsebox with no partition!.

We had huge down pours of rain on  Friday, so it hampered our preparations for the show on Saturday.

I did manage to have a bit of jump practice on 'Ramiro Cruise' and'Toners Okeanis', but Dom and Beth resigned to riding in the indoor school, I did accuse everyone at one point of being more like Cricketers than Showjumpers!.

So Saturday we all went to South View and I was delighted with 'TonersOkeanis' jumping a double clear in the Foxhunter.

'Ramiro Cruise' made my week with a great double clear in the 1.25m A10, which means the course can go up 5-10cm half way round and the jump off ended up at a good 1.35m. We finished 7th, just out of the prizes, but he jumped superbly.

They had very big numbers at the show, so each jump off was very fast.
The judges were in no rush to get home, as every class bar the Newcomers was a jump off class, which I always enjoy more.

Dave stayed all day training Dom and Beth, he decided he was going to compete at Field House, which was today.

Dave had a ride this morning on 'Erasmus Van De Heffink', then declared he wanted to compete, so Erasmus was swiftly taken into the wash box for a bath in preparation for the show at Field House.

The show was so busy, so they just jumped the 1.15m Open, Dave was double clear on Erasmus and is now focused on going to Cheshire County on Tuesday.

So hopefully Dave will be okay now, he will just increase his rides slowly whilst he builds up strength.

5th June 2013

This was written on Sunday 9th of June, not the 5th Of June as above.

We have just enjoyed two super days of jumping at South View at their midweek show.

South View were using all their 'feature fences' and the big water jump at this show, that get used at the international show in July.

It was such amazing experience for our horses, mostly young one's that we took here.

Dom was double clear with both his rides in the Newcomers, 'Balzac' and'Quinito', he was over the moon with them.
Then full of confidence he was clear and placed with 'Bangillo', his 7 year old in the Foxhunter.

I was happy again with 'Ramiro Cruise' who was double clear and also placed in the foxhunter.

Dom, still on cloud nine, was then 3rd in a strong 1.25m class on 'Corina'his lovely grey mare.

We returned on day two, mostly horses for the 1.30m class.

Beth had a very good double clear with 'Cecile Van Overis'.

Dom was double clear with 'Ashdale Futuro' and Charlotte Flack was also double clear with 'Acoomie' in the 1.30m.

Charlotte also rode our home bred mare 'Candle Line' in the British Novice, who was double clear.

So after all that jumping, we decided to have a BBQ  yesterday and watch the Global Tour on TV with a few of our friends, then to finish the evening we watched the Britain's Got Talent final, won by Hungarian's !!!!

We really enjoyed the jumping from London and the thrilling jump off.
The show looked to be a huge success.

We returned to South View again today!!

This time with six babies! Four horses and two ponies and also Ella with'King Puck'.

Beth rode our young ponies today in fine style, 'Lush Lahes' a 5 year old by 'Balou De Rouet' and 'Moonlight' were both double clear.

Dom rode two babies for Dave Murray, a home bred stallion by 'Luidam'out of a 'Cannan' mare and also a lovely 4 year old mare.

He also rode Charles Britton and Linda's home bred mare 'Electra' and also our's and the Britton's mare 'Sophie' out of the grade A mare 'Intermission' by 'Lucky De Blondel'. This was their first show and they both went really well.

We have many young horses at the moment, which require a lot of time at work at home in order to get them out to the shows, our team love the young horses as much as the older one's, which is great as of course,..... they are the future.

3rd June 2013

As much as we were looking forward to jumping at Bolesworth, we were not prepared to jump the horses in very wet ground, so when it was so sadly cancelled on day one, we had already narrowed down the horses we may have taken.

It is such a nightmare when the rain just will not stop falling!!.

We live really close to Bolesworth, so when it is raining here, it is there and our own ground is a good indication of what it will be like.

However, when the rain did stop, the sun shone and kept shining all weekend!, thank goodness for the organisers.

We did take a lorry full of horses on Saturday and Sunday, but we were short of a lorry as Dave used our brand new work truck on our stand for the show duration.

Our stand was so successful, we ended up being extremely busy on it and I hardly got away form it at all.

Dave was of course on the stand, then he was also helping Dom and Beth in the collecting ring.

The show ended up with hundreds of entries and it really must be one of the most popular shows in the country now.

It was great jumping to watch, but quite a surprise that there were only three clear rounds in the Grand Prix from 60 starters.

Antohny Condon was the deserved winner.
We were all happy very for him and we were even happier when he treated us and twelve others to a meal at a great new Thai restaurant in Nantwich a few days later to celebrate in style!.

22nd May 2013

We were all back at Southview today for their very enjoyable Wednesday show.

Dave still out of action, So Dom jumped two of Dave's usual rides and very talented young horses 'Quinito' and 'Balzac' in the Newcomers.
They both jumped good clears and Dom just had one fence down on his good horse 'Bangillo'.

I was very happy with the lovely mare 'Toners Okeanis' she was 2nd in the Newcomers for me.

'Ramiro Cruise' jumped two good rounds in a strong A,B&C class for me, he improves every time out now, at 7 years old he now feels very ready to move up to the bigger classes.

'Adermie 52' was excellent again, winning the A,B&C for me, I am really looking forward to the rest of the season with him.

Beth Bould rode her own lovely mare into 2nd place in the A,B&C class, Beth also is concentrating on moving into the bigger classes this season and Newcomer 2nd rounds.

We are now busy preparing for Bolesworth, we have our new 'Quigley Horseboxes Living trailer' to get ready for the stand at the show and of course we are looking forward to jumping there!.

11th May 2013

We had a good weekend at South View, two days of jumping and we took several horses.

Saturday was very busy, we took ten horses and two lorries.

Dave was supervising all the jumping, while myself, Dominic and Beth did all the riding.

I had a win in the Newcomers with 'Tonners Okeanis', a lovely 7 year old, Bay mare.

I also had a clear with 'Carino' for Susie Goodall, in the Newcomers, this lovely big horse improves each tie out.

Dom had a good 6th place on the special 'Quinito' in the Newcomers.

Beth then had a double clear and 5th on 'Cecile Van Overis' in the 1.25m A10 open.

Then we all had several other clear rounds on the rest of our horses.

Dave has been busy getting the grass seed ordered and delivered for our prepared jumping field.

I knew he was keen to get the seed's sown, but we were all a bit shocked when we got back from the show on Sunday to see he had done it.

He borrowed a seed spreader from the farmer and spread several bags of seed, even in the rain.

Then this evening he even declared his arm was feeling better!.

The show went well again, Charlotte Flack rode some for us also today.

She had a good 3rd place on our home bred mare 'Candle Line' out of'Candle Queen' and by 'On Line'.

Then she was also 3rd on 'Acoomie' for Susie Goodall in the Open at the end of a long day.

There were also lots of other clears from all the other horses in the other classes.

6th May 2013

Dave has been overwhelmed by the amount of phone calls and messages he has had since his accident! 
Our neighbour Elaine Fernal even brought him some chocolates!

Thanks to everyone.

He is getting better by the day and has been so busy with the horseboxes and jumping field project, he has not had too much rest.

He is also still able to put up jumps even with his arm in a sling, so he can still keep a watch on everything!.

It was very good of Piers Moreau, who is a specialist in dislocated joints, to see Dave this week at Telford Hospital.

He took another x ray of his arm again and he put Dave's mind at rest that the arm is back in joint and healing very well, the next step is physio.

4th May 2013

We all set off to the new Area 17 show at the lovely venue Warren Farm, near Southport, this morning.

Dave had a real turn of bad luck today, he came off a young horse in a freak turn of events and dislocated his shoulder.

Of course he was in terrible pain, but then the show organisers quickly whisked him down to South Port hospital, they managed to put his shoulder back into joint very quickly.

So all thanks go to Susie Gibson and David and Elaine Matha for all their help and quick thinking.

So some of the horses returned home without a jump, but then Dominic, Beth and Ella stepped up to the mark and jumped their horses and pony successfully and Dom also jumped some for us while Dave was unable to.

I went to the hospital with Dave and thankfully we had a car, so I could bring him straight home, as that was all he was up to after such a trauma!.

Dom had a good show, he was 4th with 'Bangillo' in the Foxhunter, 'Larinetta' was 3rd in the Newcomers and 'Quinito' was clear in the Newcomers.
Beth had a very good 2nd place in the Open with 'Cecile Van Overis', so they did not miss us too much!.

So Dave was very tired this evening, especially after they gave him a large dose of Anesthetic in hospital to make him unconscious so they could put his arm back into joint.

He will certainly have take it very easy for a couple of weeks to let this injury settle down, so it looks like we will all have a bit more riding to do to help out Dave.

1st May 2013

Finally after lots of missed sleep! Our mare 'Rio Grande' had a lovely filly foal by 'Luidam'.


She foaled last night, quite sensibly at 11.15pm, so after seeing her take a good drink we could finally rest at about 1.30am.


So we just have one more mare to foal, she is not due until July, so we have a bit of time off.


Meanwhile, the other two mare's and foals are enjoying time out in the field when the weather is not too cold.

29th April 2013

Dave and Dominic returned from France in the early hours this morning, the horses all looked to have travelled well.

We usually ave the stables ready for the horses getting back from their shows so they can just walk in, have a rug change, bandages or boots off and then just relax.

It also is always a great relief for the grooms and riders when the stables are done, so they do not have to start work again when they get home.

All the horses had some good rounds and places, Dom had good clears with 'Futuro' and 'Corina' in the 1.40m and 1.35m in Maubeuge, a high level of show, 3 star.

Dave had good rounds on 'Erasmus' over the weekend and clear and placed on Sunday in a 1.35m class.

'Whats Up' was also clear for Dave on Sunday in the same class.

I had a really early start on Friday morning, I planned to be up at 5.30am to get ready and head off to Addington for my first Talent Seeker qualifier for HOYS with 'Adermie 52'.
So you can imagine how I felt when one of our expectant mothers went into 'Labour' just before midnight!.

She had the lovely colt by 'Pacino' at 12.30am and by the time she was drinking and all was ok, I got to bed at around 3am.

So very little sleep for me and I sadly had a foot on the water tape with 'Adermie' in the qualifier, he normally clears the water very well, so it was rare for us and I would have loved to have been in the jump off, but that's how it goes.

Ella was also unlucky on Saturday in her Stepping Stone's qualifier for Scope, she had the final fence down, although she was disappointed not to be clear I thought it was a very good round and I told her so as soon as she came out.

Sunday was a quiet one for me at home, I wait to see how Dave and Dom get on with great anticipation, but I also found the World Cup final fromGothenburg compelling viewing on FEI TV, It was amazing showjumping over massive courses.

Beezie Madden was a worthy winner, she out classed everyone this time with 'Simon', a difficult horse which she makes look easy, but he seems to have endless scope.

Then I even saw the Grand Prix jump off from Magnus Racino, from Austria where Steven Whitaker won on 'Locarno', Geoff Billington was 2nd on 'Uppercut' and Keith Shore was 4th on 'Mystic Hurricane'.
So the British really dominating there.

We are now waiting for our next foal to be born, this one by Luidam, so very exciting.
He is due any time now.

23rd April 2013

Dave and Dom were keeping up with international appearances last weekend, jumping in Lumen, Belgium.

Dom had a great result on 'Carina' in a 3 star 1.30m class, coming 5th.

A very difficult show to win at and Dave was unfortunate with 4 faults in a 1.45m class with 'Erasmus', he also rode a new stallion 'Whats Up', he had some good rounds in the 1.30 - 1.35m classes.

I was at home, with two mare's to foal and Ella at school it seemed the only option.

It was a good consolation when 'Adermie' won the A, B&C handicap atSouth View on Sunday and I was also 4th with 'Ramiro Cruise' in a very hotly contested Foxhunter class.

'Larinetta' owned by Charles and Linda, jumped for us by Charlotte Flack this weekend, had a double clear in both Newcomers and Foxhunter classes, very consistent.

I took Ella to South View on Saturday with 'King Puck', and I also took our lovely novice ponies, the 138cm 'Moonlight' and 'Lush Lashes' our 5 year old 148cm pony for their first show.

Beth Bould kindly rides these ponies for us and 'Moonight' was 2nd and 'Lush Lashes' had a 4th place.

Ella was delighted with her pony, she was 4th and 3rd in her classes, so we had a great day, I was worn out by the end of it, running round after all these ponies but it was worth it.

Today has been relentless, we had to bring in many of our young horses so the fields could be chain harrowed.

One of the youngsters just refused to be caught and in a 10 acre field it was simply not funny.

I think Lynne Nichols, who used to run in competitions, ran about 3 miles after this horse! Thank you Lynne for all your help, we finally had to heard him in down the road!.

Work has begun on our jumping field, we are also going to build a derby bank, so long may the Hickstead Derby continue!.

Then we had many horses clipped today and I did some mane's that badly needed doing.

So all the horses are looking pretty good.

Dom remains in Europe! he will be jumping in France this weekend, at Maubeuge.

The World Cup final is also on this weekend, it can be seen on FEI TV, so well worth subscribing.

We are still waiting for our two mare's to foal, It is really hard to tell which one will foal first! 

We watch them on cameras during the night, but we also go out and check them as it can be hard to see properly on the TV.

16th April 2013

We had some horses competing at Field House today with our part time rider Charlotte Flack.

Charlotte did well with Susie Goodhall's 'Carino' in the Newcomers coming 2nd.
This big 6 year old horse is just starting his career and Susie also aims to hunt him next season.

We are making plans to chain harrow and roll our fields at present, Dave is keen to make a jumping paddock for us, which would be great and would also look much better than a grazing paddock!.

We are still watching our mare's due to foal, the increase in temperature should hurry them on a bit, but I suppose you just never know.

We had a WWW Hunt pony club jumping rally at our yard this evening, Toni Potts is the instructor, Ella loves riding in these rally's, as do all the kids, we enjoy having them here and watching their improvement over the weeks.

14th April 2013

The dust has barely settled since we have been home and we are of course planning the weeks ahead of shows to be done.

All the jumping is outdoors now, but the weather is still wild, windy and cold. The horses certainly have much to put up with.

We are still riding indoors, but we do have some lorries parked on our outdoor arena which will be moved this week! And a harrow of the sand, then we can ride outside, seems like a long time ago since we did this at home!.

Dave has not really celebrated his 40'th birthday properly..yet. We are planning a night out in the near future.

Dave's Mum & Dad did a superb job of watching our Mare in foal while we were away, she foaled just before we got back, the large colt is by 'Pacino', sadly this stallion died lately, he was a wonderful stallion, so we are really proud to have our colt. Both Mare and foal are doing really well, we just need a bit more grass for them both to go out on.

We have two more mare's due any time, one in foal to Luidam and one to Pacino again.
We are beginning to sound like we are a stud, we had 4 mares in foal this year, the most we have ever had.

We have a later mare due to the stallion Ramiro, he stands at Harthill Stud.

Ella is back to school tomorrow, we had a great day on Sunday, I took her rabbit hunting, she rode Roddy and I rode Ella's 148cm pony 'Lush Lashes'.
Anyone who has never been rabbit hunting, it is very action packed!.

11th April 2013

The final week in Valencia came all too quickly!.

We all let our hair down on the Sunday evening after week 2, the show had a great party in the VIP pavilion.
Apart from me ordering a strawberry Mojito, which the bar man said would take 2 hours to make as he would have to go off site to get the strawberries, the evening went pretty well and we all got back safely.

All credit then to our excellent team, Stanny, Beth, Lynne and Dom who were up on Monday morning to see to all the horses as usual.

The final week started really well again for Dave and 'Erasmus', who took 9th place in the big class on day one.

I was also delighted with a double clear and placed with 'Adermie' in the 1.40m gold tour class.
Then 'Ramiro Cruise' also jumped a double clear for me in the 1.30m, improving with every round, this beatiful 7 year old has only been competing for a short time.

Dominic was also dying to get back in the ring, he gained a good place with 'Bangillo' in a 1.30m silver tour class.
He was very annoyed when 'Futuro' jumped a super clear with just a time fault in the 1.45m class, but thrilled all at the same time!.

Beth was yet again jumping clear rounds with her horses, she gained two places with 'Cecile' in the 1.30m silver tour classes.

Dave had a very good 7th place with 'Acoomie' in the gold tour 1.30m class, jumping in the huge grass arena, a great experience again for this young horse.

Dave then had a 5th place on 'Avola' in the 1.30m silver class, another young horse Dave as brought to gain experince.

Dave felt he was very unlucky on Sunday, the final day of the tour, he had 4 faults in the Grand Prix on 'Erasmus Van De Heffink', the horse jumped superbly yet again, still very green at this level of competition.
It was a very tight time allowed, not so many clears, but a very fast jump off!
Won by Michel Robert, the French rider.

Dave was hoping for a win as it was his 40th Birthday on this day!! These things do not always go to plan.
We made our way home after the Grand Prix, we were very late back.

The horses left on Monday morning, we were so happy to see everyone home and safe on Wednesday of this week.

It has been a hard few days of catching up on all our office work and appointments.

We said bye to Dave parents Paddy and Margret, who so kindly move in to our home while we are away and take care of everything so well.

1st April 2013

The second week in Valencia was a good one for us, all the horses going well, just the odd unlucky round as you would expect.

I returned to the show with Ella after a brief trip home.

It was nice to get back to the sunshine after having a quick experience of the freezing cold in England.

We all exercised the horses on the beach or at the show in the early part of the week, then it was busy jumping from Friday onwards over the weekend.

Dom celebrated a great 2nd place on Corina Z in a 1.30m silver tour class.

Dave and I moved our 8 year old's up a class, 'Adermie' and 'Acoomie', into the 1.40m - 1.45m classes, both horses went well, I'm sure we will see the benefits in the coming weeks.

I was very happy with 'Adermie' jumping a clear and 4f and placed in a strong 1.40m gold tour class.

These big classes were very hard to get a place, which was why we were so delighted when Dave totally stole the weekend when he was 5th in the Grand Prix on his new ride 'Erasmus Van De Heffink', a chestnut 9 year old gelding.

He jumped a very good double clear and quick, out of a start list of 82 horses and riders, beating top combinations on the way.
He was the second highest placed Irish rider, Nile Talbot was third.
Billy Twomey was 6th on 'Tinkas Serenade'.

So with this result we really did have a good cause to celebrate!

25th March 2013

We only just did one more show at South View before leaving forValencia, just two horses jumped there.

It was such a shame that we could not do the whole of this show.

 It was the development classic show and the venue was looking better than ever, the ground was amazing, but with having to leave for Valencia the day after would have been too much for the horses.

They all had a safe trip out to Spain, they took three night time stops, the horses are stabled overnight, in an attempt to keep the energy levels up we try not to keep them in the lorry for too long.

They were not overly fresh on arrival, but after a few days they were all feeling good again, especially with the sun shining, everyone was starting to feel better.

The jumping started on Friday for us and we were all slightly excited, our first international for a while!!.

Some of our results are below from week 1 of the tour:

Beth Bould, our pupil was clear with 'Cecile' and 'Mad Jo'  in the 1.20m & 1.30m silver tour classes, this is Beth's very first abroad show.

Dom also had a good 3rd place with 'Corrina' in a silver tour 1.20m, he was clear with 'Whin Whin' in a 1.30m Gold tour class and clear with'Pacific' in a 1.30m silver tour.

Then Dom rode the round of his life in his first big Grand prix in the Gold Tour with 'Ashdale Futuro', he jumped this mamoth track for just two fences down early on in the round.
This horse jumped round like an eight year old, so at 19 years of age all the TLC is paying off.

Our Norwegian riders Mikkeline and Ida were having some good rounds, Mikki in the gold and silver tours and Ida in the silver. Ida was happy to get a clear in her first 1.40m silver tour on 'Hope Bay'.

Dave was going very well with 'Acoomie', this stunning eight year old jumped the 1.35m Gold on day one for 4 faults, Dave was really having a go for the clock, then he had an unlucky rail in the 1.40m gold small grand prix on day two (a very strong track) and on day three he was clear all the way in a very strong 1.40m gold and sadly had the last fence, he otherwise would have been well placed.

'Erasmus' with Dave was attempting his first go at international 1.45m gold tour classes, he jumped superbly, clear and placed on day two and clear until the last fence in the Grand prix, then just a stumble and a fence down kept him out of the jump off.

'Quininto' with Dave, his new 6 year old was clear in the silver tour 1.20m on Friday and Sunday, pleasing his owners who were there to watch.

I was very pleased with 'Adermie 52', he jumped in gold tour 1.30m, 1.35m and 1.40m Friday, Saturday and Sunday, never touched a fence and gained two good places, 'Adermie' is looking forward to going on the beach next week and then some more big classes next weekend!.

'Ramiro Cruise' finished his weekend with a lovely clear in the 1.30m silver tour with me, he has only just a years jumping under his belt and he always impresses, he is gaining great experience at this show.

So we are now focused on week 2 of the tour, we hope the wind will drop , it picked up on Sunday and it is still very bad.

I am presently at home and all the horses and dogs are fine here, the Quigley Horseboxes work shop is buzzing as always.

The weather in England is also in need of improving!. Horribly cold.

 So sad for our friend and clipping helper Nadia Affie, she has broken her arm badly, we hope she is out of pain very soon.

Charlotte Flack has been busy riding all our horses left at home and our home groom Emily has been riding all our ponies.
We are very gratefull to them for their hard work in this cold weather.

2nd March 2013

Great, I'm not sure if it because my lap top has had a rest, but it is finally working well for me, so I can take this opportunity to post some news!.

Firstly I want to wish my Dad, a very happy birthday! (2nd of March).

We went today to Mottram Hall and relaxed in the bar area and had some great sandwiches, lots of chat, a few wine's (thanks Dave for driving) and Ella and her cousins had a lovely time.

It was his first Lunch out after his operations and he had a great time and a good sleep afterwards! 

The previous week we went to Ingliston in Scotland for a three day show, we went as there was no where local to go with anything bigger than a 1.20m class.

We also love going to Ingliston, it is such a treat, they have even built a hotel now with 30 rooms, so if the lodges are booked up you may get a room instead.

If you stay in the lorries the shower facilities in the car park are very nice and we enjoy the restaurant at night and the Polo bar.

The jumping went really well, all of us gaining placings.

It was funny when I went to get our stable numbers when we arrived, (3 lorries in convoy), I told her we had booked 17 stables, she was very shocked, she thought I was riding them all as they were all in my name!.

Dave jumped 'Eurasmus Van De Heffink' in the 1.30m classes and was placed in these.
Dom was also well placed with 'Whin Whin', as were our Norwegian lady riders that Dave is busy training.

It was Dave's first show with the new 6 year old 'Quinito', he was placed in the Newcomer classes.

I had some good results with 'Adermie' and 'Ramiro Cruise'.

So all in all everyone was happy, it was a long haul home though, the red bull was going down very well, we all travelled in convoy again.

It took a few days to recover from our weekend in Ingliston, so since then we have had the horse dentist, for two days, he has been through the whole yard!, then we did one day at Solihull.

We jumped the big class on Friday, the horses all moved up a notch to the 1.40m very well, Dave did the best and was 4th on 'Erasmus Van De heffink', a new 9 year old gelding, he will be aiming at the big classes inValencia in two weeks time.

So it is all guns blazing now organising for the Sunshine tour, Valencia 2nd tour is our venue.
Dave is also flat out with Quigley Horseboxes and training so I am busy booking things and doing passports for horses and everything else that needs doing!.

7th February 2013

We seem to have gone a bit show mad this week.

We started on Tuesday when Beth rode our up and coming ponies at the clear round day at South View.

Both ponies jumped very good clears, our 14.2 hand, 5 year old pony is by 'Balou De Rouet' and she is showing great promise.
Our 13.2 approx pony is a pure bred New forest pony with an exceptional jump.

Then we went back to South View on Wednesday, I jumped 'RamiroCruise' in the Newcomers, where he came 3rd and jumping superbly after a nice long break.

Dave won the newcomers on 'Larinetta', she is such a consistent mare and showing great potential.

I then jumped 'Adermie 52' in the A, B&C handicap, he jumped a good double clear and we picked up 3rd place.

Then that evening we sent eleven more horses to Bury Farm for the Elite show on there.

So today was the first day of jumping at Bury Farm and our horses have gone really well.

Dave was delighted with 'Acoomie', he jumped a great clear in a 1.30m class, Dom was clear in the same class with 'Ashdale Futuro' and 'Whin Whin' and Beth Bould was clear on 'Mad Jo' and she was also placed with her lovely mare 'Cecile' in the Foxhunter.

They have two more days jumping at Bury Farm, then Ella will compete at South View on Saturday and we will all jump at South View again on Sunday with more horses to finish the week off nicely!.

Probably by Monday we will all be totally worn out!.

3rd February 2013

We had a quieter day on Sunday at Aintree, not quite so many horses at the show.

Dom had another very good double clear on 'Whin Whin' in the 1.30m class, delighted again!.

The Grand prix was a much kinder course than the last Grand Prix at Aintree, it was a very suitable course for a young grade A, although the final fence was still 1m48cm.
Dave jumped 'Acoome', he is an 8 year old and he jumped a cracking first round clear.

Then as predicted they stuck the jump off track up, so it was then a very big track, 'Acoomie' had a fence, but we were all very pleased with the way he went.

Louise Saywell won the class on 'Winner', now a 9 year old and jumping superbly.

Jessica Mendoza was 2nd on her 15.2 hand classy flying machine.

Ellen Whitaker was very determined on 'Lando', only for the unexplained, relentless bucking, did she finish 3rd.

Joanne Mcglory also had a very fast round on her outstanding, seasoned campaigner.

We were home just after 9pm, so a bit of a late night for Ella, so it was quickly to bed for her on getting home.

We had a quick catch up on Coronation Street before bed.

2nd February 2013

We finally got organised and we managed to take 13 horses to AintreeElite show on Friday.

There were however 5 of us riding!, Dom jumped 4 horses, he was delighted with his stallion 'Whin Whin' when he jumped a double clear in the 1.30m, (jump off well up to 1.40m).

I was very happy with 'Adermie 52', also a double clear in the 1.30m class.
Ida, our Norwegian resident with us for the moment, was double clear with 'Hope Bay' in the 1.30m, a very good round from her.

Dave had clears in the same class with 'Acoomie' and 'Vasco', he will now aim 'Acoomie' at the Grand Prix on Sunday.

Dave had a 5th place with 'Avola' in the Newcomers, we did have other young horses we wanted to bring but we are going to take them to South View instead, on Wednesday of next week.

So tomorrow we plan to take some horses back to Aintree, Dom, Dave and Mikkeline from Norway, will all jump a horse each in the Grand Prix.

Ella had fun this morning, we set off very early to South View and she jumped a lovely double clear in the Winter League competition.
In fact we were so pushed for time, she walked the course on her own while I tacked up the pony, this makes all the difference in the morning and it meant we both had time for a bowl of cornflakes before we left home.

There is a big Grand Prix tonight in Florida, Wellington. The time difference is a real nuisance, as they jump the big classes at night over there, which makes it very late our time.
So I like to see the results the following morning.
I am not sure if they have a live stream or not, I think there is a site you can see it on, but not for free.
Nick Skelton, Ben Mayer, Tim Gredley, Shane Sweetnam, Laura Kraut and Geoff Lucket are jumping over there, to name just a few of interest.

I am very pleased to say that my Dad, who has not been well, is now recovering at home and he hopes to be back at work soon!.
Thanks to everyone who have been regularly asking after him.

26th January 2013

There were 78 guests at the wedding in total and everyone had the most amazing time.

A week away in Barbados is never enough, we were out every night, swimming most of everyday, the weather was superb and we just cannot wait to go again!!.

The wedding day was a nerve wracking experience for me personally as I was maid of honour and Ella was the flower girl!. Sarah was the perfect Bride, early to bed the night before, she looked stunning on the day.

The wedding was held in the garden of Tamarind Cove, St James, overlooking the Caribbean sea, then for the reception we all headed toMullins Beach bar.

Geoff and Sarah looked such a happy couple and they headed off in a Limousine to the reception.

It was the perfect venue and after a lovely meal, speeches and Champagne, we partied away through the night to a top DJ from the Island.
Barbados is on a true high at the moment with Rihanna at No 1 in the UK charts on a regular basis, Rihanna is from Barbados.

We missed most of the freezing weather at home and all our staff looked after the horses and dogs brilliantly.

Everyone one at home kept busy riding all the horses, even Ida and Mikkeline have been helping to work our horses when their own horses are done.

We got home to especially cold weather, then the snow came, so we have a bit longer to prepare for another show!.

Thank goodness for our indoor school, at least the horses can always come out for a leg stretch whatever the weather.

Our water pipes froze for a few nights, so all the horses had to have a water bucket each and the yard has been very icy, so lots of snow clearing and salt.

Now all the snow has melted our fields have never looked so wet, I am sure everyone is in the same situation, we need to hope the water drains away before we get any more rain.

I hope you enjoy these photos from Barbados, there are also lots of photos on facebook, as you would expect, all the guests were very busy taking loads of great snaps!.

9th January 2013

We all had a great time on New years Eve and a nice New Years day.

Dave however then had to prepare to jet off to Las Vegas for Geoff Billington's stag party!.

Geoff and his stags headed off for a three day trip, flying from Manchester, they disappeared, luckily I did get to hear from Dave on how their trip was going.

It sounded like they had an amazing time, they all returned home on one piece, remarkably!.

So we just got chance to prepare for a show at South View, which we did before jetting off to Barbados for the wedding of Geoff and Sarah.

Our yard is as full as it has ever been with Mikkeline and Ida arriving from Norway to train with six horses, they have brought a state of the art horsebox which they are staying in and they will be here for the next few weeks.

So going away for a week probably is not what we should be doing, but we are really looking forward to it!!!.

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